What to wear

Clothing can be an essential element to portraiture, and can serve to help create a specific mood, look or feel to your images. Classical colours that a simple and coordinate with each other. Pick a colour scheme and mix 'n' match similiar colours. Layering and accessories also look good.

Some good ideas for:
  • Keeping it simple - jeans and a cute shirt/top are perfect to have fun & get nice pictures
  • Colour coordinate - but don't match perfectly
  • Accessorise - jewellery, hats, headbands, belts
  • Layering - cardigans, scarves, leggings, jackets
  • Colour - mix 'n' match similiar colours, avoid large prints, patterns & logos.
Some things to avoid:
  • White & black shirts/tops
  • Dressy clothes that don't allow you to relax & be yourself
  • Short skirts or low necklines that could be a potential wardrobe malfunction (not fun)
  • Restrictive clothing that makes you or your child uncomfortable. It will show in the picture
Hope this helps you in deciding 'what to wear'.